Agenda Details Overview


This article is a brief guide on the Agenda Details page and what progress bars signify. 


  1. Navigate to Agendas
  2. Select an agenda
  3. Agenda Details page appears
  4. Agenda Details shows you:
    • Agenda Name
    • Agenda Finalized: Yes or No
    • Agenda Template: Select the template for your agenda
    • Agenda Type: Auto-fills with the Agenda Type
    • Cutoff Date: When the agenda is no longer applicable
    • Cutoff Time: End of agenda
    • Event: Select an event for the agenda
    • Event Date/Time: Auto-fills with the event date and time
  5. Items tab shows you:
    • The outline of the agenda, including sections and items
    • Progress bars next to the items allows you to see how far in the Approval Process an item is
    • Note: The bars fill up based on how many approvers there are for an item. For example, if there are four approvers and three of them have approved the item, the progress will be at 75%.
  6. Navigate to the Files tab
    • Note: The Files tab shows you attached documents. 
    • Trashcan: Delete an agenda item
    • Type: Describes the type of item
    • Published to Public: Notes whether or not the item is publicly available
    • Published to Board: Notes whether or not the item is internally available
    • Created On: Date of creation
    • Documents: With icons, describes the types of files within the packet

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