Searching and Filtering


Event Filters




You can Filter events to easily and quickly search for events.



  1. Navigate to Events

  2. Events main page displays with Filter options
    • Keyword Search: Search by specific terms or phrases
    • Timeframe: View events within a certain date range
      • Next 30 Days: Shows events in the next 30 days
      • Last 30 Days: Show events from the previous 30 days
      • All Upcoming: Shows all events in the future
      • All: Shows all events, past and future
      • Custom: Create a custom date range to view events from
    • Show: View events with certain features:
      • Template: Choose events that originate from a certain template
      • Category: Choose events from a certain category
      • Published: Choose events that are Published or Not Published
      • Created By: Choose events that were created by a certain individual

  3. Click Update to apply filter changes or entered search terms

  4. View search results

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