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Home Filters



The Homepage of your CivicClerk site has many filters, which assists in finding the location of content.



  1. Ensure that you are on the Home tab

  2. Select your filters
    • View: Narrow down who owns the items/approvals/tasks that are returned in the list
      • Me: Content that belongs to the current user
      • Everyone: Content that belongs to all users
      • Department: Content that belongs to all users in a specific department
      • User: Dropdown that lets you choose one specific user to search, and more importantly this allows you access the “People I Backup” selection, which shows you any pending approvals that you are a backup for
    • Timeframe: Filter messages by all dates, the next 60 days, the next 30 days, or create a custom date range
    • Show
      • Items: Click to hide items
      • Approvals: Click to show approvals
      • Tasks: Click to show tasks
      • Include Completed: Check the box to include completed items/approvals/tasks in the filter search

  3. Click Update

  4. Results will appear below

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