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Item Details Page



The Item Details page shows you all the information editable fields for an individual item. There are two main sections of the Items Detail page.


Item Details Heading


  • Item Title: Brief description of the item
    • Edit/Versions(1): Click to view and restore past versions of the item
  • Short Name: Name of the item
  • Item Status: Select the status of the item
    • Approved by Manager: Item is manager approved
    • Draft: Item is still in a rough draft mode
    • Final Draft: Item is in a final draft, ready to be evaluated by a manager
  • Item Finalized: Defaults whether or not the item is finalized
  • Agenda Name: Name of agenda the item belongs to
  • Item Number: Number of the item in the system
  • Outline No.: Where the item appears on the agenda
  • Cutoff Date: End date for the item
  • Event Date/Time: Date/time of the event for the agenda
  • Created: Displays the time of item creation


Item Details Tab


  • Order/Res Number: Will appear if Order and Resolution Numbering are Turned On
  • Item Category: Select the type of item
  • Description: Create a summary/description of the item
    • Edit/Versions: View and restore past versions of the item
  • Official Body: Select the board or committee this item belongs to
  • Department: Select the department this item belongs to
  • Presenter: Select the person who will present this item
  • Sponsors: Select sponsors, edit the order of sponsors
  • Action Proposed: Select the determined action from the meeting/event
  • Motion Text: Describe who moved, seconded, and group approval of the item


Navigation Instructions

  1. Navigate to Agendas

  2. Select the agenda the item is currently on

  3. Edit the item
  4. View the Item Details page

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