Edit a Person



This article will show you how to edit a Person.



  1. Navigate to User Profile > Boards & Committees

  2. Select the People tab

  3. Select the person you want to edit

  4. Edit fields
    • Salutation: Required, indicate a salutation for the person
    • First and Last Name: Required, enter a first and last name
    • Preferred Name: Enter a preferred name, if applicable
    • Title: Enter job title
    • Email: Enter email for the person
    • Address (City, State, Zipcode): Enter the location of the person, including city, state, and zip code
    • Phone and Mobile Phone: Enter the person's home phone (if applicable) and mobile phone numbers
    • Date of Birth: Enter the person's birthday
    • Gender: Enter the person's gender
    • Ethnicity: Enter the person's ethnicity
    • Political Party: Enter the person's political party
    • Checklist: 
      • Background Check Completed: Check if the person has completed a background check
      • Voter Registered: Check if the person is a registered voter
      • Financial Disclosure: Check if the person has disclosed their finances
      • Oath of Office: Check if the person has taken an oath of office
      • Staff Liaison: Check if the person is a staff liaison
      • Council Liaison: Check if the person is a council liaison
    • Notes: Enter any additional notes about the person
    • Public Portal (Bio): Enter information for their public portal biography

  5. Select Save at the top of the page

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