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Create New User from Blank Template


This article will show you how to create a new User from a blank template.


1 The first step is to navigate to the User Menu in the top-right corner

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2 Click Site Settings

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3 Scroll to Users in Users and Security section

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4 Click New User in the upper right corner

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5 Fill in fields

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  • User Details:
    • Login: Enter your username
    • First Name: User's first name
    • Last Name: User's last name
    • Email: User's primary email
    • Phone Number: User's primary phone number
    • Title: User's job position/title
    • Department: User's department
    • Default Security Profile: Choose a security profile for the user
    • Enabled: Select to choose their account as active and viewable
    • Hide From Staff List: Choose to hide this user from the staff list
    • Hide from Approvers List: Choose to hide this user from the approver list
    • Can Access BoardView: Select their access to Boardview
    • Can Access Boards & Committees: Select their access to boards and committees
    • Which event templates I can create events: Select which event templates the user can utilize
  • What Agendas & Departments User Can See:
    • Available Agenda Types: Select agenda types user can view
    • Available Agenda Items By Dept: Select agenda items a user can view
  • What Areas User Can Access: Choose from the following items to select additional access permissions
    • Analytics: Select access to Analytics area
    • Citizens: Select access to Citizens area
    • Events: Select access to Events area
    • Event Templates: Select access to Event Templates area
    • Home: Select access to Home area
    • Security: Select access to Security area
    • Setup: Select access to Setup area
    • Agendas: Select access to Agendas area
    • Minutes: Select access to Minutes area
    • Search: Select access to Search area
    • Image Library: Select access to Image Library area

6 Click Save at the top of the page

Step 6 image

7 That's it. You're done.

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