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Text fields in CivicClerk use the HTML programming language. We use the HTML programming language to relay information to our compilers which then creates PDFs and Word Documents that you may be used to seeing. Because of this, we suggest that you Paste as Plain Text to avoid irregular or unwanted formatting/styling.

This article will tell you about the Convert to Plain Text button and the Reset Content Button. Both of these tools allow you to avoid or remove irregular formatting.




  • Convert to Plain Text: Click this button to remove formatting and convert your pasted data to plain text
    • Note: This will remove all formatting and styling including fonts, tables, and lists. If your data includes tables and lists, we suggest that you paste text separately from those items and use the appropriate pasting options. Please see our article Cut and Paste Tools for more information.


  • Reset Content: Clears the entire text field, including formatting and text
    • Note: This will remove even the words from the text field, so make sure you have the information in another place if you still need it.

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