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Paragraph Formatting


This article will show you a few tools to help format and align your paragraphs in your text fields. These tools will display with most major text boxes.


Important Note

  • Due to our HTML-base in text fields, the CivicClerk system will treat the entire field as one paragraph. This means that the use of one tool will affect the entire text field, rather than just specific pieces of text. To avoid this, you will use the Paragraph Break tool. 



  • Alignment
    • Choose to align your text to the Left, Center, or Right

  • Indent/Outdent
    • Choose to move your text In or Out by a predetermined amount of space

  • Numbered List/Bulleted List
    • Create a numbered list or bulleted list from your text
    • Note: If you want to create a list in either format, you can either 
      • A) Type into the field and then click the Numbered/Bulleted List tool to create a list of only some text but not all
      • B) Paste your text into the field
        • Note: If you do not want ALL of your text to become a list, you must use the Paragraph Break button, listed below.

  • Paragraph Break
    • Use this tool to separate pieces of text so that you can format different areas of text in different ways

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