CivicClerk Product Definitions


  • Account or Client Site: Organizations with CivicClerk
  • Add-on: An additional product added or enabled after implementation is complete (live stream, video on demand, e-voting, minutes, goals, boardview, boards & committees, etc)
  • Admin: Can do everything except for site configuration
  • Agenda: Final product – listed sections and items
  • Agenda Packet: Includes content (Items under preset sections) and all supporting item reports
  • Board: Group of users that will interact with the read-only agenda packet
  • Bug: Intended Functionality does not behave as expected
  • Enhancement: Additional feature released to the system
  • Meeting Type: The kind of meeting that is being held
    • Note: A Meeting Type can have a customized template (design) to accommodate needs for that board.
  • PL (Private Label): A copy of a third-party webpage offered to maintain a seamless look and brand, but includes the CivicClerk content
  • Primary Point of Contact (POC): The primary point of contact for an account
    • The POC generally has the authority to make large changes.
  • Quarterly Review: Every quarter (by calendar reminder), a manual assessment of user activity (items entered, number of agendas created). We will reach out to you individually as needed once determining those that may be disengaged (depending on their current activity)
  • Site Configuration: Additional parameters; CivicClerk staff have super-user settings (an additional tab) to enable additional features on request
  • Site Review: Site has been set up and client is using system, however new functionality or settings could add significant value to the client if they are introduced to the new settings
  • Site Settings: Account settings found on the Main tab
    • Note: When applied, all users are affected.
  • Standard User with Approvals: Can enter items only and can modify the approval tree
  • Standard User: Can enter items only
    • Admin users can create other permission roles if requested.
  • System: The full site (infrastructure)
  • Template: Has default designs for an agenda
  • User: Individual user
    • Each user is assigned a particular role by their system administrator.
    • All user roles can approve items as long as they have permissions to the item.
  • Work-around: An intentional set up of the system that is not according to intended functionality

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