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This article will show you how to edit User Details.


  1. Navigate to the User Profile > Site Settings
  2. Select Users in the Users and Security category
  3. Click the blue Edit button next to the user in question
  4. Edit the user details appropriately
    • Login: The login name for the user
    • First Name: Enter the first name for the user
    • Last Name: Enter the last name for the user
    • Email: Enter the email for the user
    • Phone Number: Phone number of the user, if applicable
    • Title: Title of the user, if applicable
    • Department: Department that the user is in
    • Default Security Profile: Sets specific global permissions for that user; most users should be a Standard User
    • Enabled: Check indicates the user is enabled to sign-in
    • Hide from Staff List: Check indicates the user is hidden from the staff list
    • Hide from Approvers List: Check indicates the user is hidden from the approvers list
    • Can Access BoardView: Check indicates the user can access BoardView
    • Can Access Boards & Committees: Check indicates the user can access Boards & Committees
    • Which event templates I can create events: Check indicates the user can create events using the template
    • What Agendas & Departments User Can See:
      • Available Agenda Types: Select All or specific types
      • Available Agenda Items By Dept: Select All, All Agenda Items Created By Me, All Agenda Items Created By Me or In My Dept, or Specific Departments
    • What Areas User Can Access: Grant Read Only, No Access or Full Access to areas in your site
  5. Select Save

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