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Edit User Access


This article will show you how to edit user access.

Important Note

  • A standard user will typically have Full Access to Agendas, Read Only access to Events, Full Access to General, and Full Access to Search.  The rest of the areas are normally reserved for administrators.


  1. Navigate to the User Profile > Site Settings
  2. Select Users in the Users and Security category
  3. Click the blue Edit button next to the user in question
  4. Edit the user access appropriately
    • Available Agenda Types: Makes certain agenda types available to the user
    • Available Agenda Items By Dept: Ensure users have access to all departments they may need to view items on for approval
    • Analytics: Access to the Analytics tab
    • Citizens: Access to citizen subscription data in Site Settings
    • Events: Access to the Events tab
    • Event Templates: Access to the event templates
    • Home: Access to the Home section
    • Security: Access to User Settings
    • Setup: Access to Site Settings menu
    • Agendas: Access to the Agendas tab
    • Minutes: Access to the Minutes modules
    • Search: Access to Search tab
    • Image Library: Access to the Image Library
  5. Select Save

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