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Edit User Access


This article will show you how to edit user access.

Important Note

  • A standard user will typically have Full Access to Agendas, Read-Only access to Events, Full Access to General, and Full Access to Search.  The rest of the areas are normally reserved for administrators.


  1. Navigate to the User Profile > Site Settings
  2. Select Users in the Users and Security category
  3. Click the blue Edit button next to the user in question
  4. Edit the user access appropriately
    • Available Agenda Types: Makes certain agenda types available to the user
    • Available Agenda Items By Dept: Ensure users have access to all departments they may need to view items on for approval
    • Analytics: Access to the Analytics tab
    • Citizens: Access to citizen subscription data in Site Settings
    • Events: Access to the Events tab
    • Event Templates: Access to the event templates
    • Home: Access to the Home section
    • Security: Access to User Settings
    • Setup: Access to Site Settings menu
    • Agendas: Access to the Agendas tab
    • Minutes: Access to the Minutes modules
    • Search: Access to Search tab
    • Image Library: Access to the Image Library
  5. Select Save

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