Calendar Sync Between CivicClerk and CivicEngage


When you have both CivicEngage and CivicClerk, you can create events in the CivicClerk product sync and have those events become visible to your citizens on your CivicEngage calendar.

A request for this feature must be submitted to the Support team. Once the set up is complete, you will be able to go to Events in CivicClerk and Create a Single Event or Create a Recurring Event. Enter the details and Save as usual.


The details for the event will open and you can choose to add further details and publish immediately or at a future date.


If published immediately, the event will then show as published on the CivicEngage calendar. 

  • Front End Example:
  • Back End Example: 

If an event is not published immediately, it will show as pending on the Engage calendar until it is published in the CivicClerk Events.


Modifications to events synced from CivicClerk must be made in the CivicClerk Events module.  Changes made in the Engage calendar will not reflect back to the CivicClerk Event.

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