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Request Speaking Rights



This article will show Board Members how to request Speaking Rights.



  1. Select the Agenda you want to speak in
    • Note: Click Join Meeting if you have not already.
    • The following criteria must be met in order to join a meeting:
      • The user must belong to Board associated with that Agenda
      • The agenda has to be published to the board
      • The agenda you want to join has to have "Allow Members to Join" ticked from the Minutes page
      • The event can't be in the past

  2. At the bottom of the screen, click Request to Speak

  3. The Clerk will grant you a time duration for speaking rights

  4. Once the timer begins, you will view how much time you have left at the bottom of the screen as Current Speaker: Your Name [Time Remaining]

  5. Click Withdraw Request at any time to relinquish your speaking rights
  6. Speak until you are finished or until time runs out; if allowed, request speaking rights again

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