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Multiple Concurrent Streams FAQs


What is required?

To utilize multiple, concurrent streams, you must have the ability to generate up to 3 unique authenticated RTMP streams using the software or hardware encoder of your choosing. For most customers, this will require an encoder for each stream, unless the encoder has specified dual channel functionality.

There is minimal configuration required, both within your encoder and within CivicPlus Media. Then, you will be able to access concurrent stream functionality. A support ticket will need to be created with CivicPlus support for the CivicPlus Media configuration to be complete.


Is there an additional charge?

There are no additional fees associated with limited use streams. However, if you wish to stream 24/7/365, additional fees would apply for maintenance. Please reach out to your CivicPlus Client Success Manager for more information on 24/7/365 streaming.


Will this change how citizens access and view meetings?

There is no effect on the citizen experience, except the ability to view concurrent live streams instead of just one single stream at a time.


Can we set streams on recurring events?

At this time, you will need to select the stream to be used for each event separately. We are working on an enhancement to specify a single stream for a series of concurrent events.

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