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This feature allows CivicClerk site administrators to turn on a Public Comment form in the Citizen Portal. CivicClerk site administrators will have a text field to enter instructions to the citizens that will show up on the Citizen Portal, will specify an email address for the citizen comments to be submitted to, and will enable a new tab to show up in the Citizen Portal called Public Comment. Once the tab is turned on, citizens will be able to click the blue Meeting link, navigate to the new Public Comments Tab, and fill out an online form and submit comments for a particular agenda to an email address specified by the CivicClerk site administrator. The email that the CivicClerk site administrator will receive will contain a link to the specific meeting the citizen is wishing to comment on.



To turn on the public comment tab in Citizen Portal, an administrator will need to log in to site settings.



  1. Navigate to User Profile > Site Settings

  2. Under Public Portal and Video, select Subscriptions

  3. Insert ONE email into the Public Comments Email Address field
    • Note: This will be the email address that you want citizen’s emails to be routed to.

  4. If you would like to add some text to appear in the Citizen Portal explaining instructions or communicating other information to citizens, enter that text into the Public Comments Instructions field

  5. Click Save at the top of the page

  6. After you save, the tab will be active in the Citizen Portal automatically


Email Receipt Examples

If a user submits a comment without entering their name (anonymous user):


If a user submits a comment and enters their name:



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