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Streaming Zoom Meetings to CP Media


This article describes how clients with CP Media can run a virtual meeting using Zoom and livestream that meeting through CP Media. This allows clients to only invite necessary board members and staff to the Zoom meeting but still have the meeting be visible and publicly available via live stream for citizens to view.   

All functions of Zoom will be available and configurable by the meeting host. If desired and configured, the meeting host or meeting members can use Zoom screen-share to present agenda documents or other content during the meeting. Clients with CivicClerk Premium or Ultimate and CP Media can also choose to use screenshare to display CivicClerk’s live meeting display pages for added functionality. 



  • CP Media  
  • Zoom Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise account

Reach out to CivicClerk Support to obtain Stream Link/URL Stream Key, and Public Page URL information before proceeding!


Administrative Setup - Zoom 

Zoom Account Admin must allow live streaming for meetings from within Account Settings prior to being able to use live streaming options

Refer to this Zoom Help Center article for more information. 


Scheduling a Meeting or Webinar that will use Live Stream - Zoom

Refer to this Zoom Help Center article for more information.


Starting Meeting or Webinar - Zoom

Refer to this Zoom Help Center article for more information. 


Starting Event Live Stream - CP Media

  1. In the Event (set up in the “Setup – CP Media step”), select the Live Meeting button. This will open a new page.
  2. In the Recording and Streaming box at the top right of the page, select Set Event Live 
  3. The button will turn red and will say End Live Event, and your meeting will be live to viewers in the CP Media Public Portal.

Ending the Event Live Stream - CP Media

  1. When your meeting is complete and you want to end the live stream and archive the video of the meeting for future playback, select End Live Event 
  2. The video will process and an MP4 file will be uploaded to the Media section of the event and available for playback in the CP Media Citizen Portal. 


Ending the Meeting and Live Stream - Zoom

Refer to this Zoom Help Center article for more information. 



  • Can I use closed captioning services through CP Media? 
    • Yes, all CP Media closed captioning services may be used.  
  • Is there an additional cost to use this service in CP Media? 
    • No, this is included in our CP Media service as a standard offering.  
  •  If I am ONLY going to be using CP Media and Zoom to host virtual meetings, do I still need to have an encoder? 
    • The great news is if you are ONLY going to be using Zoom, you will NOT need to purchase an encoder as Zoom acts as a software encoder for purposes of the live stream. However, if you still intend to use CP Media for regular live meeting streaming (showing meetings from your meeting room using a camera), you will need to have an encoder. 

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