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Streaming YouTube Live to CP Media


This article describes how clients with CP Media can run a YouTube live stream and simultaneously push that stream out through CP Media.


Important Note

If using this option, CP Media will NOT be recording your event for future playback. 



  • CP Media
  • YouTube Live
  • YouTube Live Channel ID

Reach out to CivicClerk Support first to activate multi-stream functionality. You will need to provide CivicClerk Support the Channel ID for your YouTube Live. You can find this by visiting your YouTube Account and the unique channel ID will be a combination of special characters, numbers, and letters.


Setting up the Event - CP Media

  1. In the event you wish to use, select YouTube from the Select Streams dropdown

  2. Select Save

Starting Event Live Stream - CP Media

  1. In the event (set up in the “Setup – CP Media step”), select the Live Meeting button. This will open a new page

  2. In the Recording and Streaming box at the top right of the page, ensure the Using Stream is showing YOUTUBE then select Set Event Live

  3. The button will turn red and will say End Live Event, and your meeting will be live to viewers in the CP Media Public Portal


Ending the Event Live Stream - CP Media

  1. When your meeting is complete and you want to end the live stream, select End Live Event

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