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CP Media/Zoom Integration


If you have CP Media, this feature allows you to use an integration with Zoom to run virtual meetings and livestream the proceedings. This allows clients to only invite necessary board members and staff to the Zoom meeting but still make the meeting visible and publicly available via livestream for citizens to view.


The integration streams Zoom meetings. All functions of Zoom meetings will be available and configurable by the meeting host. If desired and configured, the meeting host or meeting members can use Zoom screenshare to present agenda documents or other content during the meeting. Clients with CivicClerk Premium or Ultimate and CP Media can also choose to present CivicClerk’s live meeting display pages for added functionality.

This article contains the following information: 

  • Requirements
  • Installation
    • Zoom
    • CP Media
  • Usage
    • Scheduling an Event - CP Media
    • Starting Meeting and Live Stream - Zoom
    • Starting Event Live Stream - CP Media
    • Ending the Event Live Stream - CP Media
    • Ending the Meeting and Live Stream - Zoom
  • Uninstallation
  • FAQs


  • CP Media
    • Multiple Concurrent Stream Capability Enabled (Users must Submit a Support Ticket to Enable
  • Zoom Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise Account
    • Host of the meeting must be licensed
    • Zoom Client version 4.0.29183.0407 or higher on PC
    • Zoom Client version 4.0.29208.0410 or higher on Mac



Zoom Account Admin must allow live streaming for meetings from within Account Settings prior to enabling the integration.

  1. Sign in to Zoom web portal

  2. Click Account Management > Account Settings

  3. Under In Meeting (Advanced), click the toggle next to Allow live streaming the meetings

  4. Admins do not need to provide the Stream URL, Key, or Page URL as those values will be updated automatically via the CP Media Integration

For more information, check out Zoom's Live Streaming Meetings guide


CP Media

Authenticating the Zoom Account

  1. Navigate to Site Settings, scroll down to Integrations. Click the Zoom button. 

  2. Click the "Authorize Zoom API" button. This will take you to a sign-in page for your Zoom account Site_Settings_-_Authorize_Zoom.JPG
      • Note: The user that logs in MUST have permissions within the organization's Zoom settings to allow the user to manage and install apps from the Zoom marketplace. 

  3. When the authentication is complete, you will see the Authorize Zoom API button change to a red button that reads Revoke Zoom API Authorization


Scheduling an Event - CP Media

  1. The user will first need to schedule a meeting in Zoom. The Zoom meeting ID (a 9-digit number XXX-XXX-XXX) will need to be available to enter into CP Media

  2. In CP Media, navigate to Events, then click into the Event from which you want to stream

  3. From the Select Stream dropdown, select the Zoom option. If you do not see the Zoom option available, you will need to ensure the setup steps above have been completed

  4. Select Save
      • Note: After saving, a Zoom Meeting ID field will appear below the Select Stream dropdown.

  5. In the Zoom Meeting ID field, enter the Zoom meeting ID from Step 1 above with no spaces. Event_Page_2.jpg

  6. Select Save

Starting Meeting and Live Stream - Zoom

  1. In Zoom, the host should start the meeting

  2. Click the More button on the host controls

  3. Choose Live on Custom Live Stream Service Zoom_-_Meeting.JPG

  4. A browser window will open that shows the progress as Zoom prepares the live stream of the meeting.

  5. You should see an indicator at the top of your Zoom meeting that you are connected and streaming to CP Media.

Starting Event Live Stream - CP Media

  1. In the Event, select the Live Meeting button. This will open a new page.           Live_Meeting.JPG

  2. In the Recording and Streaming box at the top right of the page, ensure the Using Stream information is showing "Zoom." Then select Set Event Live.

  3. The "Set Event Live" button will turn red and say End Live Event, and your meeting will be live to viewers in the CP Media public portal. There may be a delay between the live meeting and your CP Media portal.

Ending the Event Live Stream - CP Media

  1. When your meeting is complete and you want to end the live stream and archive the video of the meeting for future playback, select "End Live Event". End_Live_Event.JPG

  2. The video will process and an MP4 file will be uploaded to the Media section of the Event and will be available for playback in the CP Media public portal.

Ending the Meeting and Live Stream - Zoom

Refer to this Zoom Help Center article for more information.


  1. To stop using the Zoom/CP Media integration, click the "revoke" button, and it will remove the authorization to allow zoom to integrate with CP Media

  2. The button will show "Authorize zoom API" when uninstallation is complete
    • Note: Once the uninstall step is complete, you will need to complete CP Media Installation steps again before attempting to use

What do we need to take advantage of the integration?
CP Media Base or Premium and a Zoom Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise Account. Your Zoom account must allow the user to manage and install apps from the Zoom marketplace.

Can I use Zoom Webinars through this integration?
At this point in time, the integration is specific to Zoom Meetings only.

Can I use closed captioning services through CP Media with this integration?
Yes, all CP Media closed captioning services may be used.

Is there an additional cost to use this integration in CP Media?
No, this is included in our CP Media service as a standard offering.

If I am ONLY going to be using this CP Media and Zoom integration to host virtual meetings, do I still need to have an encoder?

The great news is if you are ONLY going to be using Zoom, you will NOT need to purchase an encoder as Zoom acts as a software encoder for purposes of the live stream using the integration. However, if you still intend to use CP Media for regular live meeting streaming (showing meetings from your meeting room using a camera), you will need to have an encoder.

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